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Submit Your VBS

In Home Page, Outreach by Libby

Jesus loves the little children – ALL the little children of the world! Vacation Bible Schools are a great way for kids to experience the love of Jesus and His …

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Besties | JoJo

In Blog, Podcasts by Josh

Going on vacation with friends can either make or break a friendship. You get to see their true side, their messy habits and you are with them 24/7. It makes …

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Road Warriors | Josh

In Blog, Josh, Podcasts by Josh

Somehow “Let’s go on vacation!” became “Let’s drive 1200 miles across the country with a 6 year old and 2 year old!” and that was the beginning of an experience …

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Vacation | Josh

In Blog, Josh by Josh

Vacation is awesome. The idea of retreating – celebrating – renewing your zest for life. These are really good things. I would argue, this is even modeled by Jesus in …