In Summer | Julie

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This summer, I’ve found myself belting out “In Summer!” like Olaf from Frozen. (I’ll spare you from the singing.) Something about this summer just has me excited! I’m loving not having to pack school lunches for my son, and days by the pool with friends, and the extra freckles on my skin. (Though with my pale skin, I don’t fare much better than Olaf the snowman would in the sun!)

Not everything is right in the world – far from it. There is still much that needs prayer and change. Gas prices alone have some of us rethinking some of our bigger summer plans. But there are so many small ways to add moments of joy to our days. And 72% of Americans say now is the time to do it – that we are more likely to find “little joys” during the summertime! And 83% of Americans say it’s the little things in their day that bring the most joy.

So get out and:
-Try a new sno-ball flavor!
-Hang out by the pool with your friends!
-Take a scenic drive!
-Do a puzzle!
-Have a picnic with your family!

Do whatever brings a little joy to your summer days. And share how you’re doing that with us. It will bring some joy to our days as well!