What’s New | June 20

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Have you ever felt like God was speaking directly to you? Maybe you felt confirmation on a decision you were trying to make, or a clear answer to a prayer. Or maybe, God used a song to speak to your heart. Matthew West’s song “Me On Your Mind” is about just that. He shares, “When you feel like God is trying to speak directly to you, you’re amazed by it. I thought ‘Why would He even pay attention to me?’ I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a song and you thought, ‘Man, that song’s speaking to me, That song’s for me.’ Or maybe you’ve read a Bible verse and thought, ‘Wow, I needed to hear that today.’ The thought that God was not surprised by that, that it was all part of his design, is really what inspired me to write this song. It’s the amazement that the creator of the universe, the king of the world, would give one single thought about me that touches my heart on a deep, deep level. God used the process of writing this song to bring me to a deeper understanding of the heart of my heavenly father, and I’m praying it will do the same for all who hear it.”

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