Taco You Later | JoJo

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If you would’ve told me THIS when I was a kid, I would’ve laughed in your face and probably said you were crazy!

I’m JoJo and this is my final LifeSongs blogcast. 

You can ask anyone from my childhood if they would’ve thought I’d be on the radio! And guaranteed, their answer would be ABSOLUTELY NOT! (I wouldn’t have believed it myself!)

Somehow though, God has a way of doing the impossible and making something out of nothing. 

That’s exactly what He did for me. 

As a person who went to school to be a hairdresser, NOT a radio personality, I honestly didn’t know how to communicate very well. (which sounds strange!) But God did what only He can. He took what was buried wayyy down deep inside of me and brought what you hear today to the surface. 

He equipped me with the strength, ability, and wisdom to become who I am today, and He gave me incredible people here at LifeSongs to guide and teach me. 

I walked into LifeSongs 8 years ago with only direction from the Lord and a heart for His people, and God has used me in ways I never thought imaginable. 

It’s been a humbling, rewarding, and fulfilling journey, but sadly, God has said it’s now time for me to step into a new adventure of entrepreneurship. You know what this means? This isn’t the last of me, yet only the beautiful beginning!

It’s a scary, yet exciting transition that I know without a doubt that God is guiding, but my heart is really devastated to close this chapter in my life that’s meant so much to me and it’s because of YOUR welcoming arms since day 1.

You accepted a sock lovin’, taco eatin’, crazy hair coloring, Toby Mac fan girl from Da Parish and for that I am BEYOND grateful. 

YOU have impacted my life in big ways, and that’s something I will cherish forever. 

This isn’t goodbye, but simply I’ll taco you later, friend.