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Silenzio Bruno“Silenzio” is Italian for “Silence.” I chose to use the Italian version of the word to show just how romantic and exotic silence can be. It’s been said that the test of a true friend is the ability to sit quietly together and be totally at ease. But for a lot of folks, silence (or silenzio) is outright terrifying.

Ever sit down to dinner with someone who cannot fathom a comfortable silence? Every moment is filled with something. It could be gossip, constant notes about the weather or even dredging up the past just to get the ball rolling. Because to that person, even impassioned anger is better than silence. 

I get not wanting to be alone with your thoughts. My brain can be a loud place too. But sitting in silence has been practiced for CENTURIES in order to weed through the noise of life and find the Still Small Voice of God. And that might mean wrestling with your intrusive thoughts.

Also, silence doesn’t have to be the absence of noise. Sometimes there are worship songs on LifeSongs that help my heart find that place of silence – or rather stillness – in God’s presence.  “Trust in God” by Elevation Worship has been such a song for me recently. 

The lyrics say, “I sought the Lord and He heard and He answered. That’s why I trust Him.” I sometimes need the reminder that God can be trusted.  He has proven Himself time and again. Even when it feels like He is silent, He is THERE.  That has to be enough. And the more time I spend with Him, the more important that quiet – silent – time with Him becomes.

Thanks so much to everyone who has given to LifeSongs so that so many of us can have those moments each day. As we gear up for the big Fall Shareathon, I encourage you to join this family of Jesus-followers and begin your support today.