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I probably shouldn’t admit this so freely, but I kinda love Taco Bell. I basically survived high school on a steady diet of meximelts and Dr. Pepper. (HOW AM I ALIVE?) When I first started working at LifeSongs, someone had left a stuffed toy of the Taco Bell chihuahua in the studio, and the joy I got out of squeezing it and hearing it say “Yo quiero Taco Bell” was ridiculous. (Sorry, coworkers.) When I was pregnant, I couldn’t eat much without feeling nauseated, except for – you guessed it – Taco Bell. And, when we moved into our house just before my son was born, we actually found a Taco Bell hot sauce packet hidden inside the inner workings of our doorbell. (?!?!)

Taco Bell seems to have a way of popping up on my radar. So imagine my amusement (and, let’s be honest, excitement) when I saw that their latest marketing venture was a pop-up Taco Bell themed resort in Palm Springs. Can you imagine? Secret menu items, taco manicures, floating across the pool on giant inflatable sauce packets…it’s like a hilarious and surreal dream vacation!

It’s one vacation I won’t be taking because a) I’m starting to feel a bit weird about my underlying Taco Bell enthusiasm and b) the rooms SOLD OUT within 2 MINUTES! Probably for the best. But, there are still plenty of Taco Bell drive-thrus (and many other food options, roadside attractions and vacation destinations) that await for whatever summer fun adventure you may take. There’s one thing I’d suggest you bring along – and no, it’s not hot sauce. It’s US!

When you’re on your summer fun road trip, wouldn’t it be great to stay uplifted by hearing “God is good – all the time!” instead of “Are we there yet?!” (Or even “yo quiero Taco Bell?”) Plus, it’s FREE! Be sure to take LifeSongs along for the ride with the LifeSongs App. Get it here today! Happy Trails!

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