What’s New | July 15

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You know the kind of hug you get from your mom? She somehow just knows exactly when you need it most. Hillsong UNITED says they hope their song “Good Grace” is like that, too. That’s what the church can be: a WELCOME embrace to those who need to know that they are loved. Let’s share God’s good grace that He has so freely given us with those around us, too.

When life happens, it can bring anxiety, depression and fear with it. In those times of trouble, what is your response? Will our praise become even louder? When you’re dealing with all that’s going on in life, choose to worship in the midst of it. Psalm 66:4 says “All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name.” That was the inspiration for Steven Malcolm’s song “Even Louder,” which came at a time that he was dealing with a lot of life’s challenges. He chose to worship even louder, and hopes this song encourages you to, too.

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