Re-routing | Libby

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Do you have a daily routine? I’m a creature of habit. From big things to small ones. I mean, it’s like muscle memory, turning down the roads that lead me to my daily stops (work, school, home, Domino’s…). But when those roads are closed or the carpool line changes or the parking lot at work is being reworked, I am shook. (Is that a thing “the kids” say still?) Seriously, it takes me a really long time to adjust. Re-routing takes a LOT of getting used to. I guess I’m on “auto-pilot” much more than I realize.

I feel like I’ve had lots of opportunities to be more adaptable lately, with changes continually shaking up the familiar and comfortable. And while I can’t say I’ve “enjoyed” those curveballs, I can choose to look at them as something God is doing, and trust Him in the process. He IS in control, after all. I mean, if I can trust my GPS to re-route me when needed around the torn up parking lot, I can DEFINITELY trust the ultimate Navigator to lead me in the right direction, right?!

And His timing is perfect. The 40 days of Lent have begun, and this can already be such a special time to be reminded of God’s sacrificial love for us. It’s time to intentionally create space by shifting gears out of auto-pilot into a new routine, habit or discipline and focus on and appreciate what is always there: our HOPE in Christ.

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