What’s New | February 27

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tobyMac has been through an incredibly challenging season following the loss of his son, Tru. He shares that in those difficult moments, he told his family, “Moving forward we will build on the rock. We won’t build on prescription drugs. We won’t build on alcohol. We won’t build on being a victim. We will build on the rock. We will build on the cornerstone.” That inspired his song, “Cornerstone” (featuring Zach Williams).

Phil Wickham’s song, “This Is Our God” is one he calls a “manifesto.” When we sing about our God, we sing about a God who loves without condition, who gives grace to the sinner, who saves the one who calls out, who pulls people out of the pit, and brings them into His heavenly kingdom. He shares, “I am so thankful that when I sing to our God – Jesus Christ – I am not singing to some distant being far off, but I’m singing to a God who came close, who came to save us, and to rescue us. This is our God – a God who saves, a God who redeems, a God who makes beauty from ashes, and a God who renews.” 


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