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Some people enjoy shopping, some enjoy playing fantasy football (have a league of your own?), & you may enjoy binge watching your favorite show on Netflix in your PJ’s! (No judgment here!) I really enjoy going to the gym. There are definitely those days that I don’t feel like it!

As I was sitting on this leg press machine (that basically makes your leg muscles burn like crazy!), I was trying to do as many reps as possible, but then the pain came. (The type of pain that you WANT when working out!)

Ever notice that you hold your breathe when doing something strenuous? That is definitely something I’ve been really bad at in the past. For some reason when I would be in pain, I would hold my breath instead of releasing it. (Which is really unsafe because it can make you light headed & pass out from lack of oxygen!) Something that I’ve learned on my fitness journey is that it is really important to remember to breathe.

When you focus on your breathing instead of how much it hurts, it doesn’t mean the pain goes away, but it takes your mind off of what’s uncomfortable and enables you to do a few more reps or go a few extra miles.

So my question to you today is this: What are you focusing on in your life? Are you focusing on the pain of your situation and the things you can’t control? Are you focusing on the people around you and what they think? Or are you focusing on the one who turns your pain and your ashes into something beautiful?

Psalm 25:15 (NLT)

“My eyes are always on the Lord, for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.”

That leg press machine is FOR SURE my enemy!

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“As long as you’re focusing on who rejected you, you will always be frustrated in the fight.” 🤯

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