Packed | Libby

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PACKED. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Maybe it’s lunches and book bags. Or maybe bottled water, snacks and batteries in your hurricane kit. Or maybe you feel like it’s your schedule that’s jam-packed. Margins are more than just what’s on college-ruled paper. And some days, it feels like those “margins” don’t exist.

We’ve hit the point in the year when our days do feel packed, like there is zero margin. Just me? Between back to school shopping lists, child care schedules, hurricane preparations, pre-season Saints games, and trying to PACK in all the fun in what’s left of these summer days, I feel like there’s nothing left. The days whiz by with me feeling like I’ve barely scratched the surface on my many to-do lists. It can feel overwhelming to say the least.

So, how do we find peace in the midst of the chaos of this season? What can we do to help us focus on what matters and leave the rest to the margins? I’ve got some good news for you. Jesus is already carrying the weight of the world on His shoulders. Know what that means? We don’t have to! That backpack is too heavy for us, but nothing is too much for God!

We may not be able to control the sheer amount of things going on, or what happens around us or even to us, but we can choose our response. The schedule that feels packed, the days that whiz by, they can leave us feeling dizzy or depleted. But what if our response was to ask God for help and encouragement? LifeSongs is here to remind you to do just that, and to help you keep your focus on Jesus, no matter what may come. To allow Him to carry those burdens, and walk beside Him along the way.

Thank you for making that hope and truth-filled encouragement available to anyone struggling with feeling “at capacity.” You do that through your support for this ministry. We’re so grateful for you, and that we get to do this together.