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Hey LifeSongs family, as we are entering into Hurricane season I wanted to talk about a group of people that are always ready and prepared for disasters.

We are all gearing up and making our preparations as to what we are going to do if a hurricane heads our way. Where are we going to go? What are we going to bring with us? Some even, like me, watch the storms and wait till the last minute to decide to leave. As a Military man and a person who wants to help anyway I can, I will most likely send my family and stay behind to watch over our stuff and to help those in need.

Like me, there is a group of people in the NOLA area that has made it their mission to help others with tragedy strikes…

One Voice NOLA is a local team of amazing people that prepare for disasters all year long so that they are ready when the time comes and they are called into action. Most recently they were called to Slidell for the tornado, as well as Texas to help with the flooding relief efforts. This group of people pack up in trailers and RVs and head to the areas where they are needed to bring supplies, food and most importantly: prayer. They set up shop and give away hot meals and supplies each day. They offer prayer services for anyone and everyone including others that are there serving and helping the communities. That is what the love of our GOD looks like.

I was speaking with Jamie, one of the masterminds behind this operation, and he said that they were packing up and headed back home from Texas. He asked that we pray for them as they are now in the mode of getting the supplies they are going to need for this year’s Hurricane season. I asked that you all join me in prayer and pray for this team of selfless people and provide for all their needs so that they can meet the needs of our amazing city as we come into this Hurricane season. How amazing to watch the hands and feet of our GOD work together! Thank you One Voice NOLA. Thanking GOD in advance for all he will do through you guys!

Why you might ask? Because GOD is Good all the Time!