One More Day | Vance

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I am turning 45 on the 18th of August. To a lot of people August is just one more day, to me it means more than that. It was on Aug 17th, 2014 that I decided to give my life to God and turn over everything to Him!

Quick back story, I was a crazy person running in the world with all my worldly desires when my Father-in-law asked me to run sound for his Christian rock band, Empowered. I asked him if he was nuts, I told him “you know I don’t do the whole Jesus thing”. Little did I know that God had different plans for me. You see I thought my friends and I were going to be going to float down the river and cut up for my birthday weekend, but nope! God wanted me at that christian rock show so badly, everyone of my friends canceled on me for the tubing trip. When the last person canceled I looked at my wife and said “call your dad and tell him I will come run sound for him. I gave my life to Jesus that day and have followed Him everyday since.

It makes me wonder what’s in a day! What can one more day bring you. How many times we lose someone and pray for God to give us one more day. How many times has God given us one more day? What do we do with that one more day? You see I believe in my heart that God gave me one more day the day I made the decision to go run sound, I believe that He gave me that day to give it back to Him.

I know that God gives us way more than one more day, but I ask you this: what if today is your day to give it back to him. I will close with this, that day changed my life forever. On August 18th,  2014 I woke up on my birthday happier with my family, myself and with God all because He gave me one more day. Let him give you one more day and see for yourself that GOD is GOOD all the TIME!