Nothing Left | Julie

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We’ve hit the point in the year when our days are jam-packed.

I’m Julie Headrick, General Manager of LifeSongs Radio and if you’re feeling like there’s nothing left, we’ve got good news for you. Jesus is already carrying the weight of the world on His shoulders, so we don’t have to!

We may not be able to control WHAT happens, but we can choose our response to it. We can turn to God and ask for His help. And LifeSongs is here to remind you to do just that.

That reminder is available on LifeSongs to anyone struggling with feeling “at capacity,” thanks to your support of this ministry. We’re so grateful that we get to do this together.  And together, we’ll kick off our LifeSongs Fall Share-a-Thon very soon. Your monthly gift or single gift makes the uplifting encouragement you hear on LifeSongs possible. And you don’t have to wait to make a difference with your support, make a gift today!