A Letter From Greg

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This is a note from our dear friend Greg Rodgers – who listens to LifeSongs with his family, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in England. (And as of today, he has a flight booked to come to the LifeSongs Family Reunion on September 30th!) Not only does Greg listen and rock a LifeSongs sticker on his motorcycle, but he gives too. And in his own words – here’s why:

It’s mega exciting to give so many people the great opportunity to contribute and share into such an amazing, world reaching, 24/7 ministry which CHANGES LIVES FOR JESUS…

What an amazing, wonderful privilege we, as listeners have to be able to join in with the existence of such a ministry. Wow… that’s a serious blessing for us, the listener.

Shareathon is a two-way street.

LifeSongs has blessed my family and filled the ears of my children for five years now; at home, in the car, on my motorcycle, in the tractor, on vacation, in the tent. I am grateful for every single person who is blessed by their giving to keep you guys on air to bless us all again. It is just an awesome thing.

Of course if Shareathon goes on for a LONG time then it becomes a complete pile of pants for you guys.

We will pray but it will be finished in God’s timing, not ours. When everyone our heavenly Father wants to bless for their giving has given, Shareathon will be complete.

We love all of you guys and appreciate your hard work keeping your ministry on air and always encouraging and uplifting!

Greg Rodgers – England