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So this Summer has been crazy!

At the end of July I was privileged to be able to attend Creation Fest in Mt. Union, PA. It was amazing and so is the story and testimony that joins it.

My journey began on a Tuesday evening, I hooked up my travel trailer, loaded up the truck, grabbed some road food and drinks and headed on my 18 hour drive. The trip started off great. I knew I had time to get to get there so I enjoyed the scenery and took my time. The hours continued to get longer and longer and longer, and I had only made it to Alabama at this point. I knew that I wanted to stop and get some rest, I just could not decide where. Somewhere around midnight I decide that it was time to make that stop. I checked in the hotel and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and headed on my journey again. The trip and all the scenery was amazing. Some time around 5 pm I arrived at Creation, and I could not believe my eyes….

It was a Woodstock for believers. Thousands of travel trailers, tents, and people everywhere. I felt the presence of our Lord and was in amazement. I got to my spot to set up the trailer and that’s when Satan stated playing games. There was a really bad sound coming from the rear-end of my truck, I knew something was wrong. I jumped in my truck and headed to the nearest town (45 minutes away) and everyone was closed or too busy to help. I just knew this was Satan’s way of making me feel like I didn’t belong at Creation. I had one shop left. “Car Care” in Huntington, West Virginia.

I walked in and the owner greeted me and asked how he could help. I told him I am a long way from home, pulling a 7 thousand pound weight behind me, and I need help bad. He did not hesitate. He pulled my truck to the back and found out that one of my brakes got stuck and destroyed the rotor as well as the brake pads. All I could think about was how much this trip was going to cost me and started to let the one thing Satan was trying to do, work.

Then I saw GOD show up in a mighty way. The mechanic that was working on my truck was able to free up the brakes as well as get them working without having to replace major parts. The bill was only $200. I just took a minute and prayed in gratitude for GOD being there with me. While I was paying my bill, the owner reminded me that I had to get an oil change. I told him I had to go get my brother from the airport and I would come back the next day.

So my brother George and I headed back to the shop the next morning to get what should have been a quick oil change… Here we go again! Satan tried harder to beat us. My truck was on the rack when a major, crazy storm came through knocking out all the power with my truck still on the rack! 4 hours go by and still, no power. We are missing the concert and starting to get frustrated. I just keep praying and asking for some kind of fix, when a flatbed truck pulled up and was the saving grace we needed. He backed up to the rack and backed my truck on to his flatbed and my truck was free!

All I could think was not today, Satan! George and I headed to Creation. Kari Jobe was taking the stage. We worshipped and enjoyed the show and the next day was the last day! We got to meet John Cooper from Skillet and interview him in his tour bus, but if that wasn’t enough we also got to interview Jen Ledger on her bus as well. She even did a quick shout out video for George’s daughter Daytona and my daughter Kalin. We enjoyed the Ledger set and rocked out with Skillet to close out the show!

At the end George and I both talked about how amazing our GOD is and how he showed up in a mighty way. He didn’t take away our issues he just walked with us through them!! Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!!