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Patience is something I’ve never been too great at. I know I’m not alone in that battle. Maybe it’s hereditary, maybe it’s my “generation.” As long as I can remember, it’s always been a struggle for me. When I want something, I want it now. And it especially affects my prayer life.

My pastor, Stephen Daigle, routinely says a line I love, maybe because I fall victim to it so much:

“We are a microwave generation, serving a crock pot God.”

It’s a line that, at first, may draw a few chuckles, but when actually thinking about it, is actually quite introspective.

At home and hungry? Throw those pizza rolls in the microwave for a minute and enjoy a decent snack.

Now– preparing a roast for an evening dinner? That’s not exactly a microwavable process. It takes hours. It’s such a long process that many people prepare the roast to sit in their crock pot while they head off to their 8-10 hour work day! And the results are far more satisfying than that of the microwaved pizza rolls.

I think about all the times I prayed for something I wanted, something I needed, and expected to see results as soon as saying “amen.” When results or signs from praying, fasting, or seeking counsel didn’t come fast enough I simply gave up; lost faith. It’s something I struggle with every single day!

I just think it’s such a fun thought that’s so applicable to modern-day life especially in your prayer life.

My favorite YouTubers did a blindfolded taste-test where they tried microwaved snacks versus those same snacks baked in the oven. An oven, obviously, is not a crock pot as we talked about above. But the point still stands that it’s a much more tedious process. I’m going to link the video below to make my point. Watch it and see what happens if you’d like.

Not a religious experiment, but almost every time the guys in the video say not only does the oven baked product taste better, but it’s worth the much longer wait! So next time you’re praying for something in your life whether it be a job, a cure, a financial breakthrough, etc. just remember not to take a microwavable ”I want it now!” approach! The result will be that much better.