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Do you have a favorite song you sing at church? Maybe it’s one that just speaks hope to your spirit or helps you let go and really enter into a time of worshiping God. Crowder says one of his favorite songs to sing in church when he was growing up was the classic hymn, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” His song “I’m Leaning On You” expresses the same hopeful message: In moments of bleakness, we can count on and trust in the strength of Jesus.

One thing is certain: we live in an uncertain world, and we face uncertainties in this life. These can sometimes be catastrophic, life altering events, that shake the foundations of our faith and can leave us disillusioned. Ryan Stevenson’s song “Amadeo (Still My God)” is an encouragement to all of us, to trust God no matter what our circumstances may be. To remind us that whether in crisis or victory, our first response should always be to cry out to the Lord.

“In the midst of trials and storms, may we all be able to hold steadfast to the Lord, our comforter and peace, and always be able to say, ‘I trust you God, I love you God! In every valley or mountain top, you are still my God!’” – Ryan Stevenson.

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