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With less traffic on the road due to schools being out and many working from home as a result of Coronavirus, it’s very likely that your daily routine has been disrupted. Maybe you’re saving money on gas and putting less miles on your vehicle right now, but you may also be missing out on some uplifting drive time with LifeSongs!

Thankfully, we have many ways you can listen outside of your car’s radio! And you don’t have to dust off the old transistor radio, either.

  • You can listen to LifeSongs anywhere at anytime with our APP! For iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPad), CLICK HERE and for Android devices CLICK HERE! The LifeSongs app is a free daily reminder that God is Good All the Time!
  • If you have an ALEXA at home, you can instruct it to play LifeSongs as well! CLICK HERE to learn how to tell your ALEXA to Listen to LifeSongs!
  • You can listen to LifeSongs straight from your TV with TuneIn! To do so follow these steps on your Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
    • Download the TuneIn app on your Amazon Fire TV or Roku
    • Search for “WBSN”
    • Heart it as a Favorite and stream LifeSongs from your TV!
  • You can always listen to LifeSongs directly from! At the bottom of the webpage, you will a see black horizontal banner. Simply click PLAY on the banner to listen.

And if you love encouraging, uplifting hip hop, you can follow those same steps to the listen to our HD2 signal and app, The Heat! CLICK HERE to download The Heat App for iOS and HERE for Android!