Like A Child | “Dad”

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Just like the summer wind and rain, Vacation Bible Schools are happening all over the area. Each week there are several going on, and all of us at LifeSongs have the honor of visiting some of the Vacation Bible Schools.

I’ve been to several Vacation Bible Schools with the LifeSongs crew, and each has one thing in common, excited people. The adults volunteering are excited the hard work of preparation is done and the “show” has started. The parents bring the kids to VBS are excited knowing their children are in good hands, having fun and learning about God. The kids are excited, often wearing part of a costume, ready for a fun time and prepared with their memory verse.

LifeSongs listeners often stop by to show their LifeSongs sticker and get a prize or to get stickers for their cars, and just to say hello. At one of our stops, a man came up to Meghan and me to tell us he’s been listening to LifeSongs for 15 years! It is great to meet all the folks at our Vacation Bible School stops. We love to put faces with our listeners and get to know you better.

We see in Luke 18:15-17, “that infants were brought to Jesus to be touched and the disciples rebuked them and Jesus said to them, no, let the children come to me for such is the kingdom of God. Only those who receive the kingdom of God like a child can enter in.”

The older we get without the Lord the more we lose our innocence and the harder we are to reach and change. Nothing though is impossible with God.

Scientifically it is understood that the beginning ages (up to about six years old) are the most important in shaping someone for life. Our primary ministry besides ministry to God and our spouse should be to children. If we want to change the world our hope is with children.

See you at our next Vacation Bible School Sticker Stop?

-Dad (with a little help from the You Version Bible App)