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Who’s ready for fall? I am. With the Saints practicing for the upcoming season and kids gearing up to get back to class, our hot and humid summer days are numbered. Even though that means trading sno-balls for No. 2 pencils, I’m gearing up for it.

I can’t even remember the last time I stepped into a classroom, but I still get those nervous butterflies at the beginning of each school year. The start of a new school year can be a hectic time for families, too. Between shopping for clothes and supplies, doctor appointments and adjusting to new schedules, parents and children can feel frazzled and frayed.

Here, from StatePoint news, are some ways to beat back the chaos and help ease your family’s transition:

Establish a Routine
Set a wake-up time and decide whether to serve kids breakfast before or after getting ready. After school, let kids decompress alone or by playing with friends. But set a time when all entertainment stops and studying begins. Make sure to take into consideration all those standing appointments and pre-scheduled activities.

Go Digital
Families traditionally turned to pen, paper and the refrigerator to coordinate calendars, schedules, shopping lists, and other to-dos — but nowadays, this is often inefficient. Go digital instead, so your schedule comes to you and you can coordinate from your computers and cell phones.

Create a Studying Space
Create a quiet place for schoolwork, making sure it’s well-lit and stocked with supplies, like highlighters, calculators, and a computer. It’s best if it’s not the kitchen table, where noise and dinner can interrupt concentration. The breakfast and dinner table, however, is a great place to discuss your family’s schedules and to-do lists.

Relax (my favorite of these helpful hints!)
Scheduling recreation is as important as scheduling homework. By asking kids what their favorite activities are and making time for them to do things they like, you can teach your kids balance. Pre-scheduling recreation, like a family game or movie night, can show kids that relaxation time is important.

Check it Off
Creating checklists can keep things straight. Ironing outfits and packing gym clothes at night avoids morning bedlam. Packing lunch the night before also saves time and you’re more likely to provide healthful foods, instead of slapping something together last minute. Checklists also ensure no one forgets to pack the day’s essentials. Introducing lists the whole family can access will also eliminate nagging and teach kids responsibility and independence. Most importantly, keep them short and manageable.

Good coordination can save more than time — it can improve family communications, bringing everyone closer. I hope this time of transition is a smooth and positive one for your family!

Transitioning from summer to the school year can be a bit hectic, what with adjusting to a new sleep schedule, packing lunches, doing homework and catching the bus. It can be tough to wrangle the kids, especially in the mornings! So just know that when you’re bringing breakfast to go in the car, scrambling to get kids dressed on the way to school, or even just Febreezing the kids after they’ve slept in their school clothes, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It seems as if moms will do anything to get the kids to school on time. That’s why I love this list of helpful (and hilarious) creative shortcuts. Click here and enjoy! And don’t forget this important (and helpful) tip:


I’m going to start turning my “stressed” around right now!