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What were you doing at 14 years old?

I was certainly not winning any national spelling competitions, that’s for sure. Karthik Nemmani, on the other hand (who is a 14-year old from Texas), did just that at this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee, beating out 515 competitors from across the country. (Way to go, Karthik!)

The word he won with is actually a word I heard around the time I was 14. Our pastor was talking about the importance of community, specifically a fellowship of Christian believers, like the disciples had. The word (and the concept) stuck with me (although I’m certain I could not have spelled it correctly).

The word is “koinonia.”

Who is your “koinonia?” Are you part of a small group or a church family? Do you have a close group of friends who encourage you in your faith and walk with God? The further I get from 14, the more I realize just how important those relationships have been and continue to be in my life.

I’m especially grateful for my LifeSongs family, the crew I get to see each day at work, the people I get to pray with every week and lean on when necessary, too. You may not clock in at the studio each day, but you ARE a huge part of this “koinonia,” too. Thank you! Know that we are praying for you, and I hope God uses LifeSongs to encourage you and draw you closer to Him.