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In today’s culture, it can sometimes feel like we need to have everything together, that we need to act perfect all the time. It’s hard to admit we mess up, isn’t it? But we’re human. And we can admit that we have faults, because it’s then that we call on God to inspire us in our daily walk with Him, and to fix us in His timing. Admitting that we’re broken and in need of a Savior is difficult, but also freeing.

Perfection is something we can never actually reach. So what should we do? Call on Jesus to help us with our imperfections, and to love us despite everything we’ve done and yet to do. Plumb understands that all too well, and shares inspiration in her latest song, “Beautifully Broken.” Know that ’the God who made the stars, is the God that made your heart, and He’s holding you right now, He can heal the broken parts, and make beauty from the scars…’

This song is also the title track to a major new movie coming in August. The film is about a refugee’s escape, a prisoner’s promise, and a daughter’s painful secret that converge in what is a true story of hope.

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