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How are you at puzzles?

My son, Gus, is just getting to the stage where he understands that some pieces can only fit in certain shapes. (We’re still working on actually getting those pieces IN their places.) In fact, I’m still working on that in life. Always, it feels. You, too?

Part of this is how we’re wired, I think. And a lot of it has to do with being multi-taskers, trying to take care of every area of life we’re responsible for: budgeting, childcare, our jobs, our homes, our families, ourselves…the list is endless! It can sometimes feel like we are forever trying to solve some never-ending puzzle, trying to fit all the pieces exactly where they belong. Only life isn’t a finite puzzle. There are way too many moving, changing pieces for us to ever be able to finish it.

Recently, I found myself in the middle of trying to solve one of those problems that involved way too many components, most of which were completely out of my control. I felt frustrated and desperate. I kept asking God to show me what to do. I remained confused about how to make things work out. That lack of clarity continued for WAAAAY longer than I was comfortable with. But, finally, one day, I got a voicemail and a text message at the same time, both of which were answers to my prayers. And do you know what song was playing in the background as I got those? Sarah Reeves’s “Details,” a reminder of God’s faithfulness in ALL the details of our lives. (If you haven’t heard it, check out the video below.)

Whatever problem you may be in the midst of trying to solve, I want to encourage you to give it to God. He’s the ultimate puzzle master! (Is that a thing? That’s totally a thing, right?) He holds all of our pieces (and us!) in His hands, and is aware of and taking care of every single detail, even as they change.