What’s New | Aug 6

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As a worship leader for over the past 20 years, Lincoln Brewster has a unique opportunity to share his music with the congregation at his home church before taking them to the studio. Every worship song he’s recorded was first tried out on Sunday mornings. His latest, “Everything,” is a powerful reminder that no matter what we may go through, no matter how we may fail, we know that God is faithful and true, our constant in times of trouble, and that everything we need can be found in Him. (We may not be at Lincoln’s home church on Sunday mornings, but we can definitely worship along with these words of truth!)

Do you find yourself feeling like nothing you have is ever quite enough? We’ve all felt discontentment in our lives. For the past year Chad Mattson from Unspoken has struggled with this a lot, and for him, it starts with comparison. Comparing his life to other’s lives, his song to other’s songs, his house to others houses. Sound familiar? It’s a common struggle for a lot of us, especially in this age of social media, where we can literally just sit, scroll, and compare. Chad turned that struggle into something beautiful, with the help of Psalm 37:4, which reminds us to delight ourselves in the Lord, and He will give us the desires of our heart. “Just Give Me Jesus” is the result, a song of prayer that God would be everything we need, everything we long for, and all our hearts desire.

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