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Thanks to the Pandemic, I have come to appreciate the great benefits of walking. It’s absolutely free and it gets me out of the house and I feel like I’m multitasking in the process.. I enjoy the quiet of my walk and my little “getaways” as well as taking care of  myself at the same time. Well, after miles and miles on my old faithful shoes,  came the time to invest in some new footwear..I found myself checking out everyone’s shoes to see what they were wearing, especially if the person looked extra fit, I figured the shoes worked !!  Anyway, I purchased numerous pairs based upon observations of others and found my feet hurt, or my calves ached  or they wore out in the wrong spot. I should have known, what works for others doesn’t necessarily work for me ! 

As I was looking at what my foot issues were , I got a little “Life Lesson” in how shoes are supposed to fit .. physically and spiritually… 

According to shoe fitters, the  following issues will cause unnecessary pain and potentially devastating foot problems:

Assuming the wrong shoe size

Selecting shoes that are the wrong shape for the foot

Leaving no room for impact

No support in the shoe itself

In the same way, when we allow our emotions, peers, family, and/or friends to rule our lives, rather than relying on the Lord’s guidance first and foremost, we find ourselves “wearing the wrong shoes,” and risking permanent damage to our “feet.”

Shoe Problem #1: Assuming the wrong shoe size

Faith Pitfall #1: Assuming the wrong gifting

Solution: Take a spiritual gifts inventory every year. As Christians, the Lord is continually maturing us and growing us to be more like Him. Since God gifts us according to His agenda (not ours), we should pay attention to current gifting rather than assuming we’re supposed to do what we’ve always done.  It might be the same, but it could be quite different depending on His plans. 

 Shoe Problem #2: Shoes that are the wrong shape for the foot

 Faith Pitfall #2: Doing something that is completely wrong for you

Solution: Take time to understand your personality type and spiritual gifting , and look for opportunities to serve within those areas. God has created and equipped you uniquely for His purposes. . You have a destiny that only you can fill! God will not call you into something that requires you to be someone you are not. 

Shoe Problem #3: No room for impact

 Faith Pitfall#3: No room for impact

Solution: Remember that there is a difference—sometimes massive—between the way a thing seems to work and how it actually functions. Take time to test things out before making a long-term commitment. Give yourself permission to have a trial period. See how you “fit”.

 Shoe Problem #4: No support in the shoe itself

Faith Pitfall #4: No support structure

Solution: Make sure you have a support structure in place before you begin.. What I know for certain is that when God is calling you to take a step (or leap!) of faith, He has already strategically placed His people into your life to support you through the process.

Faith footwear. Who knew there was such a thing?! Yet, somehow, it all makes sense. I exercise faith when I put the right shoes on my feet and walk in them; I exercise faith when I prayerfully make a decision and act on it. Does this mean I will never get a blister? Never twist my ankle? Never break a heel? No. Stuff happens.

Is It Time?

Is God prompting you to take a step of faith? ? A leap? ? While it might feel intimidating, or even impossible at first, with the right “shoes” — custom fit to the size and shape of your foot with a little room for impact and stable support—the step becomes a walk; the leap, a manageable stride. And God receives the glory for the great things He has done through our willingness to faith in Him.