His Time | Vance

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I know that “His time” has become, since the movie, a statement kind of like “For God so loved the world….”

Well since my last blog I have had quite a few things that have happened. I felt so sick at times I thought I was going to die. I felt like “Where are you GOD!?” Then my wife lost her job of 15 years! Now, 10 years ago if that had happened I would have gotten really upset with her and threw my hands up and said we are DONE! But GOD is so good he saved my soul and has allowed me to support her in finding a job she enjoys. You see, instead of going off like I used to I just looked up and prayed and said, “GOD I don’t know what you are doing, but let me get out of your way. ” Then I was able to say these words to my wife. “Baby we got this, I want you to take your time and find a career that you want. Do not settle for anything! Only accept what GOD has in store for you.”

The reason I can say this is simple, If we are believers in the season that is good, why can’t we be believers in the seasons of the storm? Brandye, my wife, is a dental assistant that has all these certifications. People want to hire her! I knew this and I knew that GOD had this! Brandye got a call from a dentist in the city right off Magazine Street and she was so excited. She accepted the position and she thought that this was the right one and I supported her on it. However, that was not the case and within three weeks she was no longer employed again.

Still in full support of my wife, I told her not to worry because we serve a Living GOD! A GOD that is Good all the TIME! Next, we got a phone call and now she is going to be in the same field of work doing what she loves and get this….MAKING MORE MONEY! A LOT MORE MONEY His time is all that matters >>>>>> why because GOD is Good all the Time.