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Finn is starting kindergarten!

In some ways I feel like I’ve been looking forward to this day – when we are no longer paying for childcare or preschool. But on the other hand, I can’t quite believe my baby boy is a big kid starting big school!

We’ve been blessed that Finn has easily transitioned through every stage of care – a babysitter, Mom’s Day Out, Preschool, Summer Camp. God’s goodness through those transitions, gives me confidence that Finn will also easily transition into Elementary School.

Even just saying that – Elementary School – hurts my heart! He’s too little for school assemblies and cafeteria lines! But despite my desire for him to stay little a bit longer, he seems ready. However, one thing he is not excited about – uniforms! He is not a fan of collared shirts or anything with buttons. But look how cute he is! And how grown up he is!

I was also not prepared for the amount of money spent on school supplies! When I first heard that parents plan to spend $873 per child on back to school expenses, I was certain that was false. But as we are preparing for Kindergarten, I am seeing how quickly it adds up! School supplies, plus fees, uniforms, etc. Yikes! More than ever, I understand the need for the LifeSongs Back to School Project!

I ask that you join me in prayer that my Finn would easily transition into Kindergarten at his new school. That he would quickly create friendships with other children who would influence him positively, and vice versa. For his teacher, that he/she would have a good connection with the students. And of course, that God would keep them safe and healthy.

I will be praying the same for your children. And I would love to hear more about your child and their school! You can also nominate a LifeSongs Prayer School of the Day!

I’m praying God blesses you and your family throughout this school year!