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I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve pretty much forgotten how to get dressed. Over the last year or so, I’ve gotten really comfortable with, well, being comfortable. It’s like when you don’t hone those algebra skills and then one day you realize you don’t know how to solve for x anymore. Or when you stop going to the gym and realize those “muscles” you used to have? They ain’t der no more. Not having to think about what to wear for so long has made me sort of forget how. But I’m working on it! My motivation? FUN.

Yeah, remember fun? I’m so grateful for God’s provision throughout this craziness, and that includes finding moments of joy. Because “fun” doesn’t necessarily have to be something grand or epic. Many times, it’s the little things that can bring a smile to my face. Like hearing my son laugh at his own jokes. Or adding a bird to our chalkboard list of birds we’ve seen in our yard. Or waking up to a sunny day. See? Fun! (I’d love to know what’s making you smile these days, too, by the way. Text me! 855-816-8581.)

So, even though I’ve fully adjusted to my pandemic wardrobe of elastic waistbands, I’m excited to try and not only wear pants that button again, but also lace up a pair of roller skates. Because the LifeSongs Days of Summer FUN are back, and that includes Skate Nights every Tuesday this summer at Airline Skate in Metairie. Will I see you there? I hope so! Bring it on – it’ll be FUN!