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I recently recovered from the Coronavirus. I find myself telling the story to lots of people. People have reached out to me through social media and others I meet have asked if I have ever COVID.

Everyone asks the same questions. How was it? How did you get through it? Or How did you feel?

In my explanation I find myself referring back to God and giving Him all the glory. Isn’t that what He wants from us anyway? Even at our lowest point He wants us to show everyone how He pulled you through our trials.

I can talk about the pains and the issues related to Covid, all the stories we already hear. And I do tell them the troubles, but GOD has His part in the story as well.

Around the second Wednesday in my recovery I got really scared. I lost my ability to taste and smell and every breath was shorter and shorter. Earlier that day I went to a clinical trial for a new type of infusion in hopes that I could help in a small way find a cure for the virus. That night I started to feel worse. I got down by my bedside and grabbed my wife’s hand, she was also positive, and told her to tell the kids I love them and know that I love her with all my heart.

I didn’t think I was going to make the night. My wife took that chance to pray with me. We sat in silence as we both prayed to GOD asking for Him to heal us both and let me make it through the night.

Afterwards, I was still sick and not breathing right, however, I felt a peace over me. My wife asked me to go to the hospital. I told her no, and put my C-PAP machine on and just told her to watch me throughout the night.

The next morning I felt like a new person, I started to feel better and wanted to get moving. My wife was also feeling much better, She chose not to do the infusion with me. GOD is so amazing I don’t know if  He used the infusion to make me better or if He just reached down and healed us either way He answered our prayers.

Remember, no matter what you are going through, good or bad, GOD wants you to use the situation to point all the glory to Him. He does answer prayers and He will always be there for us because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!