What’s New | October 19

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These are challenging times. We need unity. Hope. Empathy. LOVE. We Are Messengers’ song, “Image of God” is a song to unite us, reminding us that every single person is created wonderfully in God’s image, and as such are invaluable and fully worthy of our time, respect, love and honor.

How often do you find yourself in situations and circumstances where you try to carry the weight of burdens alone? It’s exhausting and impossible! And it’s only after a few failed attempts to do things solo do I run to my heavenly Father — remembering I was not created to venture through the ups and downs of life alone. Wouldn’t it be great if that was our automatic response? Over and over, God is waiting to come to our rescue, ready to offer His grace to us. That message is loud and clear in Matt Maher’s song, “Run To The Father.”

When he wrote it, he was learning how God has spoken to him through his kids in the way they coming running to him when they are hurt. God’s also spoken to Matt in how we, as parents, run to our children when they are hurt. As Matt sings, he is really singing about how God has already run to us and that He will never get tired of us needing Him.

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