Embracing the Unexpected | Nancy

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“The mind of a Man plans his way, but the Lord directs His steps…” Proverbs 16:9

Have you ever had an idea or a plan for anything, played it out in your head, then it didn’t turn out like that picture?
Whether it’s a home project, event, or even a movie, we all tend to play that pre-reel in our minds on what’s to come. Sometimes things turn out better than expected. Sometimes you feel that sting of disappointment and that sadness and sense of let-down emotion is so very real!

I’m a planner by nature, I love hosting events at our home. God has blessed me with the gift of hospitality, plus my love language is “acts of service.” I have my little list of “to-do’s” all mapped out and the event comes and I’m in “busy mode,” feeling fulfilled! Then my task-master-self does my own little inventory, de-briefing what worked for the event and what didn’t . Well recently it occurred to me that this process is messed up! What I selfishly thought was a motivation to try to be better actually put my focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right! I was focused on my disappointment rather than embracing the fact that I “got-to” use my God-Given gifts in my God-Given home with my God-Given Blessings of Friends and Family.

BOOM! WOW! I did this with relationships too… Maybe thinking someone should act a certain way or feel a certain way. For example; how could someone not want to give or serve like me, or why are they not passionate about this, or why can’t they step up and fill in where needed?

If you go through life with unreal expectations, you will always be disappointed!

It’s crazy to think I am just realizing and even regretting this now, but that’s for another blog!

Embrace the Unexpected, that’s where you’ll “Find the Fun.” I stole that quote from my friend Elena; 3 words to live by! That sting of disappointment disappears as you begin to look at things, events, and people on the surface. Deep thoughts about anything other than God and His word are a waste of time. There is a freedom with this mindset: I enjoy myself more, I enjoy people more – really getting to know them better and appreciating their uniqueness rather than their “why-nots.”

Instead of concentrating on your disappointments and getting discouraged, focus on God and meditate on His promises for you.