What’s New | May 13

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When faced with hard times, do you ever wonder “When is God gonna show up?” So does Chad Mattson, lead singer of Unspoken.

He says, “But the truth is, we’ve already been given the victory. That’s more than enough reason to believe, to persevere, to trust. God’s love is the reason—it’s the reason we have everything needed, it’s the reason we can love ourselves, it’s the reason we can forgive, the reason we’ve made it this far, the reason we can look in the mirror and be confident, to know we’re gonna be all right.” Their latest song, “Reason,” is about sharing that Reason with others.

What makes you break out your happy dance? When do you find yourself celebrating? Jen Ledger says her song “Completely” is a very simple celebration of the most awesome thing in the entire world: the love of our God!

“I find it so mind-blowing that before the creation of the world He not only knew my name, but He chose me and He Loved me. He knew the mistakes I was going to make; He knew the ways that I was going to let people down, or even let myself down, and none of it shocks Him. None of it makes Him turn away and His love stays strong just the same. There is nothing better and greater and sweeter than the love of our God and the fact that I can rest in that for the rest of my life! It is simple but it is profound and I think it is absolutely worth celebrating!”

Sometimes, you just feel like throwing in the towel. If you’re feeling that way, let Tauren Wells encourage you to hang in there through his song, “God’s Not Done With You.” Tauren says he wanted to write a song to inspire people to believe in themselves as much as God believes in them. Don’t give up! Don’t let the voice of condemnation get the best of you. God is still at work! Let this song remind you of the powerful truth that none of us are too far gone from God or His plan for our lives.

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