Easter Egg Hunt | Vance

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Before I knew Jesus and what He did for me, I was wandering around the world looking for anything and everything to complete me. Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is almost here – a time when many will have an Easter egg hunt. Some of us are searching for GOD like we’re hunting Easter eggs – but settling for what the world offers.

Before I allowed Jesus to speak into my life, my life was like an Easter egg hunt. I was at the starting line waiting for someone to say “GO” and then I would take off scrambling through the world looking for treats and prizes. I would find one egg, and then I would look some more and find another and I would continue to repeat and repeat, knowing deep down that the game was almost over and that everyone else had found all the good eggs.

You see GOD is there ALL of the time and He doesn’t want us to go on an Easter egg hunt for things in life – He just wants us to trust in Him and allow Him to be First. Then He will give us everything we need in life.

Going back to the Easter egg hunt: if I had just started by going to my parents FIRST they could have helped lead me to the best eggs that I wanted, since they are the ones that hid them in the first place. They would not have just gone and picked them up for me – but they would have walked the journey with me and guided me on the way.

GOD wants to walk your journey with you, He wants you to know that all you have to do is accept Him and ask Him to guide you.

I know that with my walk in Christ, I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes. The difference now is that I know GOD is with me and that makes every step much easier; because GOD is good all the time!