Crazy Bread | Josh

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Nostalgia is a very powerful thing. Recently at the office, Libby and I were talking about Little Caesar’s pizza (because Caesars Superdome had just been announced and it was still an hour and a half until lunchtime and we were already hungry). I missed rectangle pizza and she recalled the old Brain Teaser machine where she would win free Crazy Bread.

And there it was.

Two simple words: Crazy Bread.

Ever get a particular food stuck in your brain and you can’t find freedom from the all consuming thought until your memory has been satisfied with a fresh taste?

It’s been weeks now of talking about Crazy Bread. There aren’t a lot of Little Caesar’s near our homes or the radio station.  Plus, let’s be honest, Little Caesar’s pizza is the thing you get when you are past hungry. No one will be thoroughly pleased with a $5 Hot ‘n Ready but no one will complain either.

As long as you eat it before everything congeals.

The memory of Crazy Bread has chipped a canyon sized trench in my psyche that can only be filled with … well, Crazy Bread. The sweet tang of half-heated marinara sauce, the tough, unforgiving chew of a greasy breadstick covered in a smooth sheen of garlic butter and peppered with what may or may not be actual Parmesan cheese…

I know that description doesn’t make it sound exactly decadent but it is living rent free in my brain right now and has been since last pay cycle.

Now, imagine with me, what if we were as obsessive about moments with Jesus…

A verse that just won’t get out of your mind. Song lyrics from LifeSongs that run on repeat until you sing them out loud to Jesus. Knees that won’t take you out the door until they’ve hit the floor, bowed in prayer. I want THAT. I want to be obsessed with Jesus. I want Holy Spirit to fill my empty spaces, not day-dreams of breadsticks. Give me some Crazy Love!

And maybe a side of Crazy Bread too.