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Hi, my name is Vance Hughes, Underwriting Director for LifeSongs.

I get the privilege to work with a lot of different kinds of people who are involved with LifeSongs. I get to meet many of you guys at concerts, shows and events.   And I get to work with businesses that help keep LifeSongs on the air.  I work with all kinds of businesses – from churches, to lawn care, to insurance!

You name it, I most likely have worked with them.

I was not always a Believer, however, I have always been in sales. I say that, to say this: I have worked closely with both Christian and non-Christian business owners. Here is what I have learned…

Non-Christian businesses are only worried about the bottom line.  Profits. I’ll stop there because this blog is ACTUALLY about Christian businesses, and how GOD leads them.

Let’s take one of my LifeSongs clients for example; Cindi Meyer Insurance in Chalmette.  (My neck of the woods, lol)

I met Cindi shortly after starting at LifeSongs and could tell right away that she was a business owner. She was driven by that bottom line and knew she had to make a profit. However, there was something different. When I walked into her office her staff was full of life and happy; smiling and eager to help!  Her office, keep in mind an insurance office, was inviting and there was a presence of Peace in the building.

Cindi wanted to make sure people knew that her business was about the witness more than the bottom line.  She is a Believer and operates her business according to Christian values.

I love that!

You see Cindi does not let the bottom line be the first and only thing she focuses on. She focuses on GOD first and lets the bottom line take care of itself.

And why can she do that you might ask……Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!


If your business, church, school, non-profit or organization ALSO lives by Christian principles and you want to do some GREAT work in your community, message me ([email protected]) and we can talk about partnering together to share the Love of Jesus to Southeast Louisiana and the world!