What’s New | August 21

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Do you ever feel like everything that could go wrong seems to? Jordan St. Cyr can relate. His song “Rescue” was inspired by a two week season where, he says, “it felt like my family and I were being attacked on all sides. It started with the news of our youngest daughter potentially having eye surgery, our oldest daughter breaking her leg, myself losing a record deal, our youngest daughter battling seizures, our car breaking down twice, and all six of us getting food poisoning. Life felt impossible but the promise of Jesus held true. When things got chaotic our rescue was His peace. He is the calm in the storm and his faithfulness never left us. Not even once.”

Stars Go Dim’s song “Thank God” reminds us to apply the practice of gratitude in our lives. God’s proven to be faithful on the mountaintops and the valleys of life. We can be thankful, no matter where we are. Even when the easiest thing to do would be to complain, we have every reason to thank God.

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