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About a month ago exactly, God blessed me with an amazing opportunity: a chance to work at LifeSongs. LifeSongs was a radio station I grew up listening to. I remember hearing the brush your teeth jingle on the way to school nearly every morning and there were definitely some times where it may have presented some stinky breath shame in my commute; mainly in my especially younger years. Do I credit LifeSongs for my pearly whites? Not necessarily, but I don’t not credit them… Regardless of the free dental guidance I received as a youngin’, I was thrilled to be apart of such a wonderful radio station and family; listeners and staff alike.

I couldn’t help but think how honored I was to even interview for the position, much less receive the chance to work for the station and also think about how my life had come full circle after wiping the slate clean a year prior and pursuing an industry that interested me.

So I know what you’re all thinking, “Yeah Joel, that’s cool and all but why are you awkwardly staring at me on the LifeSongs front page?” Well that’s because I believe first impressions last a lifetime and I want you all to get to know me!

Yes, I am a production assistant for LifeSongs, but first and foremost I am a drummer! I’ve played drums all of my life and you can usually find me worshipping behind the kit at Celebration Church’s Metairie campus. I recently just acquired a vintage 1970s Slingerland drum set and I am absolutely smitten with it. I am also a massive Saints and Pelicans fan, and before you call in to tell me you hate the name the Pelicans, I want to make clear that I love the new name. I plan on giving you all some sports updates throughout the day very soon!

If I’m not talking about music, Jesus, or sports, I’m probably talking about food. Here at the LifeSongs studios and offices we are extremely passionate about our food to the point of debates and passionately sniffing each other’s lunches. I think in that regard I fit right in.

It has been such a such blessing getting to meet you all (listeners) at events as well as being in probably the best office in the country, (except for a very famous one in Scranton, Pennsylvania.)

You can get to learn more about me on week nights from 6:00 PM -10:00 PM in August! I hope to get to meet you all very soon whether it be at a LifeSongs event, or a call in!