A Baby Changes Everything

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The LifeSongs family is growing! We are just one month away from Libby’s due date! She and her husband Jeff (or is it Geoff…) have been pacing, painting, prepping, putting furniture together, reading parenting books, worrying into all hours of the night … and the little one isn’t even here yet. This is a big moment in their family’s life – and in our lives too! I can’t wait to be Uncle Josh!

You know, Christmas is only like 7 weeks away now. It may be too soon to put up the tree, but dwelling on Advent is a great thing to do any time of the year. And just like Libby’s upcoming big life event, the Christmas story is about a baby too. A very special baby that changed the world and redeemed mankind. Thankfully Libby’s child won’t have that kind of pressure. But the new family dynamic will mean big changes in their lives. Like adjusting to never sleeping soundly ever again. Ever.

Have you ever paused to think about how the arrival of Jesus transformed Mary and Joseph’s life plan? Their 5-year plan probably included having children, running a woodworking business in Nazareth and living happily amongst their relatives and friends. Instead, they were ostracized for an unplanned pregnancy – had to relocate for years for a Roman census and then flee their home country to become refugees in Egypt because local officials tried to assassinate their child! Their plans got chucked out the window for God’s wild, dangerous, but ultimately BETTER plan.

I’m glad Mary and Joseph went with God’s plan. It wasn’t easy. It was terrifying, I’m sure. But because they were willing, today I am redeemed by God’s grace, through faith in their son, Jesus. Unexpected changes happen every day. Sometimes they are God-events. Other times they are just life. As we prepare for the newest member of team LifeSongs to be born, Libby is stepping down from many of her work responsibilities to get ready for maternity leave and JoJo is stepping up to host the Afternoon Show every day from 2-6! While it’s not exactly earth-shattering like the life adjustments Mary and Joseph made to welcome God’s son to Earth – for LifeSongs, it’s a big deal! And an exciting one!

We appreciate any and all prayers for Libby and her family – and the LifeSongs team. Also, let me be the first to say to you… Merry Christmas!