Where Are You Going? | Vance

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Recently, my wife lost her last Grandfather. He was a huge success in life, building a major cooperation and led that business for 50 years. He was a Captain in the Army.  He was father to two, grandfather of several and even a great-grandfather of many more! He owned his own plane and would fly to his condo in Destin several times a month. He gave to many organizations. He was quiet, yet an open book if you asked him questions.

After his passing we learned that there was even more to him than we knew – He was SAVED!

He wrote his own spiritual autobiography, this was amazing and relieving  to find out he knew his Savior. As much as this brought joy to me and the family it made me think. It made me think: did I do a good job asking about Jesus? Did I do a good job to find out if he knew Jesus? Then I started to look at myself and wonder how many times I missed the chance to tell someone about Jesus.

As I sit here writing my blog, I cannot help but wonder, have I done right by my Savior? Well I tell you what, I never want to question that again about myself! It’s summertime and it’s hot and people are gathering in the AC.  Ffamily gatherings are happening all the time – BBQ’s and so much more. It’s time to talk about Jesus. Now is the time to let everyone know about GOD!

We are not promised tomorrow however we are promised eternity, so let’s spread the good word!


Because GOD is GOOD all the TIME!