What’s New | July 4

In Blog by Libby

We’re all broken people in need of Jesus. He alone is where we can find true peace. Danny Gokey’s song (featuring Koryn Hawthorne) “We All Need Jesus” reminds us of this truth. Danny says, “What’s interesting about having peace, and a sound mind and sound heart is that it could be chaos all around you, but if you have peace on the inside of you — Christ on the inside — the hope of glory, glory on the inside of you, that is stronger.”

Sometimes it’s the simple truths that can bring us comfort in our times of need. Like the fact that we are not alone. It’s because God really, truly loves us that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. That’s the encouraging truth in Crowder’s song “God Really Loves Us” (featuring Dante Bowe). The same comfort that we feel in engaging our closest friends with our mistakes, experiences, and thoughts because we know they will accept us is the same confidence we should take into our relationship with Jesus.

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