What’s New | September 27

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Need a boost of hope? We’ve got a hope and a future, thanks to God. Crowder says that’s the theme in his latest album, featuring his song, “In The House.” He says, “It’s a celebration of the future we are marching toward together and a prayer that each of us can live in this promise in the here and now.”

MercyMe’s song “On Our Way” was a song idea that Bart Millard’s son brought to him as they were writing for their latest album. Bart says, “After all this time and all we’ve seen, we still believe in the message of the gospel. We still believe there’s more to do and we’re just as excited now as we were the day we came to know Jesus. When we remember we’re on our way to something so much greater and take scriptures like ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ to heart I truly believe there’s nothing we can’t do.”

For God, nothing is impossible. He keeps every single promise He’s ever made, and that’s something that’s hard to find in anything else in this life. I AM THEY shares the hope we have in God’s faithfulness in their song, “Promises.”

Even when we don’t feel “okay,” God sees us, loves us, and is taking care of us. Lydia Laird’s song “I’ll Be Okay” helps remind us of that hope we have in God, even on those dark days.

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