What’s New | Oct 8

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We can have it all, but if God isn’t at the center of who we are and what we do, there’s no point in chasing success, fame, or material things. Danny Gokey sings about this in his new song, “If You Ain’t In It.” The line “I don’t wanna to have it all, write my story any way I want, everything would just fall apart, if you ain’t in it”, rings so true! We can follow our own path & selfish desires, but that pursuit is meaningless without God.

(Fun fact/fun song: Danny says performing this song live is one of his favorite moments on tour.)

We often create our own ‘prisons’ in life, but that’s not how God desires His children to live! Sing along with Michael Farren in his new song, “Prisoners” about the amazing and sweet freedom we have in Christ.

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