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Hillsong Worship says theology releases praise. The band says their song, “King of Kings” is an attempt to summarize the story of the Gospel and the church. Maybe it’s one you sing already in your church.

“Hopefully, it becomes a song that we can sing every week, as a reminder of who we are in our origins and also our future. It’s leaning towards liturgy in a way with a devotional angle where people can find themselves in the journey of the song and give praise to God. When we believe correctly about God, when we understand and get a greater revelation of who God is and what He’s done, we can’t help but respond in worship.” – Brooke L. (Hillsong Worship)

Terrian was born & raised in Memphis and has been singing with tobyMac and DiverseCity before signing with Gotee.

As believers, we walk through seasons that are difficult and can leave us tempted to question our faith and trust in our savior. Memphis native and DiverseCity vocalist Terrian says her song, ‘In the Arms’ is the song the Holy Spirit uses to remind her that, despite what the enemy is throwing her way, she can run to Jesus for safety. He will be a strong tower and our protection from every enemy.

“When we walk by faith in these dark seasons, we are choosing to live in complete openness to the wisdom and understanding God has, to the peace God has, to the comfort God has, and to the joy God has. So, I pray that when people listen to this song they are encouraged to do so and are even convicted as I was while writing. I also pray this song plants a seed for those who are struggling with their faith in Christ or those who don’t have faith at all. This song truly means a lot to me.” – Terrian

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