What’s New | Oct 15

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Are you trying to work your way to God?

We can exhaust ourselves in the trying, but we’ve got some good, no BEST news for you. That isn’t how it’s meant to be, thanks to God’s great grace!

Bart Millard from MercyMe knows that feeling, too. He says, “The way I grew up… it was be all you can be, you get what you deserve, work harder, and try harder. But what if somebody has simply told me that the work was already done, that the fight had already been won, and that I didn’t have to try so hard? It would have totally changed my outlook! That’s what makes the gospel not just the good news, but the best news ever.”

How amazing is it that we actually have the words of Jesus that we get to access and read through the Bible? A man named Louis Klopsch is responsible for publishing the “Red Letter” version of the Bible. He thought it would “shed a new radiance on the sacred pages by which the reader can follow the scarlet thread of prophecy leading straight to the Person, the Divine Messiah, as the fulfillment of the promise of all the ages.”


Crowder thinks so, too. His new song is called “Red Letters.”

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