What’s New | June 3

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It’s hard, but sometimes we have to walk through things we don’t understand. Tasha Layton wrote her song, ‘Worship Through It’ about a dear friend that was diagnosed with cancer. She shares, “The song was to help our community to worship God in the middle of the pain before we knew the outcome. Don’t wait until you are on the mountain top to worship. Worship in the valley. Worship when you can’t see the outcome. Worship before the miracle happens. Worship through it.”

Caleb and John serve as a great reminder of how uniquely different people can come together with a unified purpose for the Gospel. Their song “Somebody Like Me” shares a message of hope: if God can change somebody like me, He can change anyone. His love and forgiveness is available to all. (Listen for guest vocalists CAIN on the song!)

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