What’s New | June 29

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Our emotions are a gift from God. But what we do with them can be a different story. Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey puts shame like this: “There’s a difference between healthy shame and toxic shame. Healthy shame leads you to good things, like when you realize you’re not God and need other people. It can lead to repentance and to ask for help. That’s different than toxic shame. Toxic shame is the voice that cries out over your life, ‘Unredeemable!’” Want to be free to rise above toxic shame in your life? Tenth Avenue North’s song “No Shame” may be your new anthem!

Whatever sin you’ve struggled with in your life, God’s covered it. He sent His son to save you! That’s how much He loves you, and that’s the encouraging message in We The Kingdom’s song, “God So Loved.”

Do you ever find yourself in the space between where you are and what you know God has promised? That’s where Chris Davenport of Hillsong United was when he wrote the song, “Another In The Fire.” If the enemy can’t take your faith, he’ll try to take your perspective. So, remember God is with you here and now. You can look back and see how faithful He has always been. Looking forward, we believe for how faithful He will always be.

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