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Put simply, life is made of ups and downs. TobyMac says he has a lot of experience with both. It’s part of what inspired his song, “Nothin’ Sweeter.” He shares, “I’ve had some of the most amazing times that one could ever have on this earth, and I’ve also walked through some things that have hit me very hard. I don’t think we’re that different from one another in that we all experience some beauty and some things that leave us utterly confused and deeply hurting. I wrote “Nothin’ Sweeter’ because I have been uptown and downtown; I have seen the good of this life and the sorrow by the bitter graveside; and I’ve landed on this: there is nothin’ sweeter in this life than the love of God. It’s what I want to wake up to and what I go to bed to – there’s nothin’ sweeter than His unfailing love.”

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