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What reminds you of the foundations of your faith? How do you share the living, breathing Word of God? Jon Reddick’s song “I Believe It (The Life Of Jesus)” came after he took a trip to Israel. He shares, “While we were there, they gave us an opportunity to look over a balcony at sunset at the Sea of Galilee. In that moment, all of the stories I’d read about in the Bible came to life to me. Jesus came and walked this earth out of a deeper love than we have ever known and maybe cannot even comprehend on this side of heaven. My prayer is that ‘I Believe It’ drives us to want to know Jesus more so that we can have an even greater understanding of His love for us.”

Imagine joining in a song that was being sung before you drew your first breath and will continue to be sung long after your last. Chris Tomlin’s song “Holy Forever” is an invitation to join in that song which has been sung and will be sung for all eternity.  He says, “I just tried to capture a piece of Heaven in this song that never ends, this eternal song. What’s amazing is that there is an eternal song and we know the lyrics. It’s ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.’ That’s what the Bible says throughout, and in Revelation 4, it says, ‘Day and night, they never stopped saying it.’”   

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