What’s New | June 1

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Global pandemic or not, people are always in need. We may be more aware right now of just how great our need is of being reminded of the promises in the word of God. That’s the message in Kari Jobe’s song, “The Blessing.” She says, “I’m so thankful that His promises are promises of peace and strength. He says that in this world we will have trouble, but to take heart because He’s overcome it. He’s always with us, in every season.”

Have you found yourself in a season when the future looked uncertain? I think we have all felt that to some degree, especially lately. Instead of fear, come to the situation with faith. That’s Colton Dixon’s advice. He says we can do this because, he says, “we know that faith is what precedes a miracle. During a challenging season in our lives, my wife and I were forced to slow down a little bit. In doing so, we started to see all of the little things around us that we saw as miracles that happen every day. So I’d just encourage you to stop long enough to appreciate the little things in your life for the miracles they really are. I believe God is still in the business of doing miracles… and they happen more often than we think.” That’s the inspiration behind his song, “Miracles.”

Our culture is desperate for love. That’s exactly what God calls us as believers to do in Matthew 22:37-39. That’s also the inspiration behind Danny Gokey’s song, “Love God Love People.”

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